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Automower mowing golf course

Productivity at Scale

The Facts

Cost Effective

Robotic mower can save cost on equipment and man-hours, resulting in substantial saving over the lifespan of the mowers. See Example

Productivity at Scale

The truth is, robotic mowers won't replace your staff. They need to be maintained just like any other piece of lawn care equipment. Deploying robotics can help your staff focus on spend less time on menial tasks like mowing and more time on more important tasks which can scale productivity. 

Healthier Grass

Robotic mowers are designed to mow a work zone multiple times a week - which is better for the health of the grass. The clippings are small enough to be able to be recycled back into the soil. 


Robotic mowers incorporate secure features such as PIN code authorization and GPS-based virtual boundaries, ensuring that only authorized users can control and access the mower's functionality. Additionally, advanced encryption protocols safeguard communication between the mower and its accompanying app, bolstering the overall security of these automated lawn care devices.

Operate at Night

Robotic mowers can operate in the dark. They are also quiet enough you won't even hear them. Imagine showing up to work in the morning with a fresh cut every single day. 

Husqvarna Fleet App

Control all of your Husqvarna Automowers in one app that can be accessed on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Learn more about the app here


5% of carbon emissions in the US are derived from gas powered lawn care equipment. Robotic mowers are electric powered and produce zero carbon emissions when operating. 


Robotic mowers demonstrate efficiency through their continuous operation and autonomous navigation, which eliminate the need for manual oversight and intervention. By cutting the grass in a methodical and systematic manner, they maintain an even lawn height and reduce the time and effort typically required for traditional manual mowing.

Large Automower mowing sports field

Why Autmow?

Comprehensive Survey & feasibility study
Pilot Program
Installation planning & proposals
Professional Installation
On-site staff training
Fleet management
Post-installation support
Underside of robotic lawn mower

Cost Example

Cost Analysis of Robotic Mowing vs Manual Mowing

This hypothetical example looks at the estimated costs per acre per year of maintaining 20 acres of lawn mowed manually vs. a fleet of 6 Husqvarna 550 EPOS Units. In this scenario, cost of manual labor is more than 300% more expensive than robotics. 

Spreadsheet with more detail can be found here

"Golf course superintendents are struggling nationwide with a golf course maintenance labor shortage."

Golf Course Trades

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