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Orange automower mowing garden

Robots can scale your lawn care business 

The Facts

Huge ROI

While robotic mowers are certainly an investment, strategically placing them can render a high ROI over the mowers lifetime. See an example. 

Wire-free options

New mowers use RTK (Real time Kinematics) technology to mow within a work zone. Say bye to installing physical boundary wires. 

Rain or Shine

No more playing catchup when we have a few days of rain. Robotic mowers are made to operate rain or shine. 

Competitive Edge

No many lawn care companies offer robotic mowing as a service. Offering a more sustainable and efficient way of mowing can enhance your companies reputation with the community. 

Industry Trends

Robotic mowing is the future. The industry is expected to grow from a 1.48 billion in 2021 to 4.08 billion in 2028. (Fortune Business Insights)

Workforce Impact

With robotic mowers, your crew can spend more time on higher-margin services and less time on mowing. 

Automower on top of hill

Why Autmow?

Comprehensive Survey & feasibility study
Pilot Program
Installation planning & proposals
Professional Installation
On-site staff training
Fleet Discounts
Free Demos
Post-installation support
Financing Available
Man blowing leaves next to automower

 ROI Study  

ROI Estimate. 111% over 10 years

This study assumes a large 2 acre lawn with a Husqvarna 550 EPOS unit. The initial investment is $6,800 for unit and installation. As you can see, throughout the products lifetime, the ROI increases to over 100%, 7% annualized. 

This ROI assessment purely looks at the ROI on the unit at the hypothetical property. It does not take into account the revenue from saved man hours. 

See Spreadsheet for more information. 

"Landscaping businesses are preparing to grow revenue in 2023 while dealing with key challenges like economic uncertainty, seasonality, and industry-wide labor shortages."

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