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Below are two examples of the cost saving of utilizing robotics for mowing. We understand that each case is different. Please fill out the form below to set up a call with us to talk through your specific needs and costs to get a better sense of how much robotic mowing can save your organization. 

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Robotic Mowing is Cost Effective. See for yourself. 

10 Acre In-house Cost Example

This example is of 10 acres managed by a grounds crew. Robotic mowing can save time on mowing, so your crew can work on other things. 

10 Acre.png

2.5 Acre Landscaping Crew 

This example is for those who contract with a landscaping company. Robotic mowing can help save costs as landscaping crews will only need to prune and edge. 

2.5 Example.png

Other benefits of working with Autmow

Fleet App

Manage all of your mowers in one place. 

Extended Warranty

Most products come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Autmow offers 1-3 years extended warranty on top of the out-of-the-box warranty on the products we sell. This means you can rest assured if anything were to happen during the warranty period. 


Robotic mowers are equipped with advanced sensors and safety features, ensuring they avoid obstacles and stop immediately upon detecting an unexpected object, minimizing risks in facility landscapes. Their automated operation reduces the need for manual handling and human interaction, lowering the potential for workplace injuries associated with traditional mowers. For facility managers, this translates to safer green spaces, reduced liability concerns, and consistent, reliable maintenance without direct supervision.


Robotic mowers offer unparalleled consistency in lawn maintenance, delivering a uniform cut across large facility landscapes without the variability that can come from human operators. Their automated scheduling and self-navigation capabilities ensure that grass is maintained at a precise height, contributing to a consistently manicured appearance. For facility managers, this means reduced oversight, consistent aesthetic appeal, and the assurance of a professional-looking landscape at all times.


Robotic mowers contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for gasoline-powered mowers, which emit greenhouse gases and pollutants. Their precision and efficiency can lead to reduced lawn waste, promoting less frequent mowing and preserving green spaces. Furthermore, being powered by electricity allows them the potential to be charged from renewable energy sources, further decreasing their carbon footprint.

Pilot program

Conducting a pilot program with robotic mowers allows organizations or individuals to assess their effectiveness and adaptability in real-world conditions before large-scale deployment. It provides an opportunity to identify potential challenges, optimize operational parameters, and determine cost-effectiveness. Additionally, a pilot program can generate valuable feedback from users and stakeholders, ensuring that the full implementation meets specific needs and expectations.

Theft Protection

Robotic mowers often come with integrated anti-theft systems, including PIN code requirements and alarms that activate if the mower is lifted or tampered with, ensuring added security in facility grounds. Many models also feature GPS tracking, allowing facility managers to monitor the mower's location in real-time and retrieve it in the event of unauthorized movement. By utilizing these features, facility managers can maintain peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected against potential theft.


Robotic mowers provide facility managers with the flexibility to schedule mowing during off-peak hours or times of minimal foot traffic, minimizing disruptions. Their compact design and ability to navigate intricate landscapes allow them to handle diverse terrains and tight spaces, accommodating varied facility layouts. This adaptability ensures that facility managers can maintain green areas with ease, regardless of size, shape, or landscaping challenges.

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